The Laundry Room is equipped with all-new Dexter washers and dryers and use Laundry Card, a reusable payment card that can be loaded with cash, credit, debit or contactless payments.  Goodbye quarters!


Normal load (20lb): $3.50/wash

Medium load (40lb): $5.50/wash

Large load (60lb): $7.50/wash

Huge load (80lb): $9.50/wash


30lb capacity dryers: 25c for 8 min

50lb capacity dryers: 25c for 7 min​



Let us do your laundry for you!  

Drop-off anytime during business hours.  We target same day service when possible.  Every new service customer receives a free reusable Laundry Room duffle bag for their laundry.  We accept cash, credit, debit for full service laundry.

Wash, Dry, Fold: $1.75/lb ($15 minimum)

We will wash, dry and fold and bag your clothes as requested.

Senior Rate (65+): $1/lb (30lb max)

Wash, Dry, Stack: $1.25/lb ($15 minimum) 

We will wash and dry your clothes as requested. Clothes will be separated, stacked and bagged.

Wash, Dry, Bag: $1.00/lb ($15 minimum) 

We will wash and dry your clothes as requested then simply bag them as-is.

Special Items: $1.75/lb

Items such as comforters, pillows, rugs, pet beds, etc... will be charged by weight, with a $15 minimum charge.

Note: Above services exclude commercial or vacation rental services.  All items for wash and fold must be able to be machine washed and dried.  We do not wash specialty items that require dry cleaning or expertise Please use our contact form on the home page to inquire about commercial laundry needs.


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