Choose Your Laundry Plan

  • 1 bag/month

    Every month
    Perfect for an individual
    • Wash, dry, fold for one bag/month
    • Includes one eco2go TLR tote bag
    • Same-day service (before 2pm)
  • 2 bags/month

    Every month
    Perfect for small families or more frequent washers
    • Wash, dry, fold for two bags/month
    • Includes two eco2go TLR tote bags
    • Same-day service (before 2pm)
  • 3 bags/month

    Every month
    Great for families or roommates splitting the cost
    • Wash, dry, fold for three bags/month
    • Includes three eco2go TLR tote bags
    • Same-day service (before 2pm)
  • Add a bag

    One-time extra bag for existing subscribers
    • Get and keep an additional eco2go laundry tote

Payments will be processed automatically every month from the date you sign up.